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Why Build Houses of Healing?

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For over 500 years, indigenous peoples of the Americas (Abya Yala), particularly the Mayan People of Guatemala, have endured the harsh effects of colonization, continuous armed conflicts, racism, machismo, and historical patriarchy. The resulting mental, physical, spiritual, and social transformations have disproportionately impacted women, who still face stigmatization and violence, further intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. These effects include low self-esteem, family, community, and social disintegration, hopelessness, social apathy, physical illnesses, and significant harm to the environment.

In response to this situation, a healing initiative with women, men, and youth has commenced in Guatemala to mend these wounds. The project for healing processes and Healing Houses will continue working within the affected communities.

An Opportunity for
Full Life with Mother Earth

The recovery of full lives for women and men, adults and youth from Mayan and other Abya Yala communities, along with a deeper respect and connection with Mother Earth, will strengthen collective understanding and active participation in community processes. This effort ensures the preservation of nature and protects communities from the impacts of climate change through the application of ancestral practices.

Therefore, this grand dream represents a significant opportunity for the peoples of Abya Yala and for all of humanity and Mother Earth. We recognize that healing ourselves and others contributes to the healing of Mother Earth. Let us embark on this transformative journey toward a more harmonious and balanced future for all existence.

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Our Objective

Reconnect with kind-hearted individuals who contribute to the healing of women and men, the youth, and children, for the recovery of a full life in harmony with Mother Earth.

Through this initiative, we aim to deepen respect and connection with Mother Earth, fostering harmonious coexistence among all beings within nature.

Why Heal?

Harming Mother Earth is equivalent to harming our own existence. Healing Mother Earth is equivalent to healing our own existence for a full life.


What For?

To restore the deep connection between humans and Mother Earth. Reconnecting with Mother Earth means entering into direct communication with the essence of being, matter, and energy, where the path to complete healing and a full life can be found.

Where To Heal?


Individuals and People from Maya, Xinca, Garífuna and Mestizo

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Territories Abya Yala

Individuals and People from other territories across the Americas continent

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Other Continents

Individuals and People from Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania

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Healing Actions of the Project

Healing processes will be carried out through ancestral practices that allow for a true and profound understanding of the self, aiming to achieve a pure connection with Mother Earth and the universe. Healing tools will be developed, encompassing dance, singing, poetry, medicinal plant gardens, and productive activities. Intergenerational and intercultural exchanges and dialogues will take place, and a training school for healers will be established, among other means.


Through the project's actions, the recovery and strengthening of individual and collective awareness in matter and energy, along with the connection with Mother Earth and the Universe, will be achieved. Access to ancestral practices and tools for comprehensive healing, as well as self-esteem and mutual respect among communities, will be revitalized. Furthermore, productive practices will be revived, contributing to the sustainable strengthening of family economies.

The Project's Initiatives

  • Designing and constructing Healing Houses in communities with the greatest need and demand for comprehensive healing in harmony with Mother Earth.

  • Establishment of a training school for healers.

  • Identification and revitalization of diverse ancestral healing tools from the perspectives of Abya Yala's people (Arts: Dance, singing, music, poetry, weaving, architecture, medicinal plant gardens, productive activities, among others).

  • Facilitating healing processes through ancestral practices, involving participation from Mayan communities and other people of Abya Yala and Mother Earth.

  • Facilitating intergenerational and intercultural exchanges and dialogues, fostering deeper respect for and connection with Mother Earth and harmonious coexistence among beings within nature.

Fundraising and accounting 

Resource generation will be accomplished through voluntary donations on this website.

Funds will be received by the Terre Intime Association, which supports the organization of the encounters in Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, and Europe.

Transparent accounting and evidence of the activities will be maintained.

Meet Our Family

Guided by a dedicated family of passionate individuals, our journey focuses on holistic healing and spiritual transformation. Each member contributes unique expertise and unwavering commitment to fostering well-being, harmony, and Earth connection. Together, we create meaningful experiences that resonate with Mother Earth's essence, promoting healing and unity. Discover the faces driving our mission forward.



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