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Discover the Path to Spiritual Growth

Step into a world of healing and discovery. Our upcoming events offer a sanctuary for your soul to thrive. Be part of a supportive community, connect with like-minded individuals, and reserve your spot to unlock profound healing and transformation.

Lux et Terra

Lierop, The Netherlands

Embark on a transformative journey of spiritual growth through our healing gatherings!

Explore past meetings and stay tuned for future gatherings to experience profound healing and ascension.

Date Saturday, November 18th

Time 13:00 to 17:00

Contribution Voluntary donation to Mother Earth Healing project

Entrance to the park €10

Email us for more information, confirm your participation and share your motivation to be part of this experience. Don't forget to inspire others to join.

Previous Encounters

With over 13 years of experience facilitating healing processes for various groups, families, and individuals in Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay, and many other countries, we invite you to explore our archive of transformative gatherings.


These gatherings are a fusion of nature-linked meetings and digital connections. From natural encounters to enriching online sessions, each event weaves a tapestry of healing and growth. Immerse yourself in the comfort of nature or transcend boundaries in virtual unity. Let these memories inspire your journey towards healing, evolution, and unity.

Nature Encounters

Embark on a journey through the memories of our transformative In-Person Gatherings. Delve into the stories of participants who have experienced the profound serenity and revitalizing energy of these gatherings. From the rustling of leaves to the melodic birdsong, participants encounter the healing embrace of nature. Many have shared how these experiences rekindled their connection with Mother Earth, fostering a sense of inner peace and healing.

Virtual Encounters

Virtual gatherings emerged in 2020 out of the need to connect during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and due to the lack of resources for in-person gatherings. The photos provide an impression of the gatherings that offered an opportunity for healing from a distance.

Join Our Journey

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