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Thank you for helping us make the difference!


With Your Support,
We All Flourish!


Your donation will heal hearts all around the world, and give you access to digital and natural healing encounters. With your help, I will be able to bring mother-earth healing to vulnerable people, primarily indigenous women, and youth, who suffer from post-traumatic stress due to conflict and domestic violence in Guatemala, Colombia, and other Latin American countries. The generation of funds will be carried out through voluntary donations. A transparent accounting system will be maintained, providing annual financial reports.

Words of Gratitude

K´amo jumul, kamul, oxmul iwonojel.


One, two, and three times, thank you for your support and collaboration from all the people who have joined this grand dream. Together, we are building spaces for healing and transformation. Your support is creating a brighter and healthier future with Mother Earth. Thank you for being part of this great tapestry.

Rosenda Camey_edited_edited.png

María Rosenda Camey Huz - Nana Rosenda

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