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Join Nana María Rosenda on a sacred journey, honoring, giving thanks, and connecting with Mother Earth in fascinating gatherings. From lush forests to serene mountain peaks and jungles, her deep connection with nature unfolds. Witness her heartfelt message about embracing the heart of Mother Earth and the transformative power of unity with the Cosmos in this captivating video.

Ri roq'omaxik ri qak'u'x ruk'in ruk'u'x ri qate' ruwach'ulew

Healing Our Heart With The Heart of Mother Earth
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WhatsApp Image 2023-08-25 at 02.43.39.jpeg

What is Mother Earth Healing?

Healing with Mother Earth is about reconnecting with nature and acknowledging our precious bond with our planet. It's a journey of love and respect, embracing the wisdom of indigenous peoples and honoring the natural environment, the tapestry of life that encompasses all existence on Mother Earth (animals, trees, insects, plants, and other life forms).

We seek to mend the damages caused by human activities and actions, to live in harmony with Mother Earth. By celebrating life, appreciating our shared home, and dancing to the rhythm of nature, we can collectively create a brighter, greener, and more harmonious world in unison with all life on Mother Earth.

Casa japonesa

Healing Processes and Homes

The healing processes and the creation of the healing homes arise from a deep need to heal the ancestral wounds left by colonization and violence in the communities of the indigenous peoples, such as the Mayan People of Guatemala and the other People of Abya Yala (name in Kuna which means "living land" or "land that flourishes", ancestral name of America). Healing homes stand as sacred spaces for the integral physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual transformation and healing of women, men, youth and children.


Guided by Mother Earth herself, these processes aim to reestablish lost connection, restore balance, and cultivate deep harmony between humanity and nature. A path towards collective healing and recovery of a plenitude of life. Healing Homes are lights of hope in a world that longs for reconciliation and rebirth with oneself, collectively, with the community and natural environment. ​


We invite you to be part of this great dream. Thank you for your participation and support.

Who am I?

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Hi, I am Rosenda, a Maya Kaqchikel woman from Guatemala, Central America. My journey has been one of resilience and healing, and I invite you to be a part of this dream.

Together, we will explore the profound wisdom of the Maya, embark on a path of self-discovery, and forge a deep connection with Mother Earth.

Join me in this extraordinary voyage of healing, transformation, and unity for plenitude of life.

Welcome to my world!


Healing Encounters With Nana Rosenda

Unearth the magic of our heartfelt healing encounters with Nana Rosenda, uniting ancient wisdom and Mother Earth's embrace. Rediscover your essence, find harmony within, and embrace transformative healing moments. Join us in this captivating journey to honor life's sacredness and dance to the cosmic rhythms. Explore our encounters and experience profound healing.

In-Person Encounters
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Immerse yourself in heartwarming encounters that cultivate unity and healing energy. Our interactive, complete with healing and joyful encounters will make you experience Mother Earth's love at its finest.

Virtual Encounters
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Immerse yourself in the power of virtual healing encounters, guided by ancient wisdom and modern love. Experience Mother Earth healing from any place in the world.


Get enlighted by our journey and start one of your own with our beloved family

Join our healing encounters and experience our wonderful memories

Start your healing process or plan a one-on-one virtual encounter with Rosenda, she'll be pleaced to help you heal

Contact her directly

Your Healing Journey With Nana Rosenda


Words of Gratitude

I am profoundly grateful for the incredible support and generosity of all those who have joined the Healing House project. Together, we are building spaces of healing and transformation, thanks to the dedication of our project team and the generous donations from our community. Your support is creating a brighter, healthier future for all of us. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

María Rosenda Camey Uz - Nana Rosenda

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